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We help a large number of people every year to buy and sell off-market properties.

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners choose to sell off-market, particularly at the upper end. Many are looking for a more discrete sale, whilst others simply want to sell their property without the hassle of being on the open market.

Are you looking to sell your property discreetly?

If you are interested in selling your Edinburgh property off-market, we can help. Our large database of potential buyers allows us to match your home to those who’ve stated an interest in that type of property and that we have qualified so we know they are in a position to buy.  You’ll also benefit from our strong connections with a wide network of property search professionals who have clients looking to make an off-market property purchase.


If you are interested in selling your property off-market, please contact Matthew Munro on 0131 525 8608 or matthew.munro@simpmar.com